How to Make Money in the Metaverse

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How do you make money in the metaverse? Earning money in the metaverse means working in the evolving world of Web3. Learn how to make money in the metaverse with this video.. There are many ways to make money with the metaverse with diverse metaverse income streams – from earning money gaming or by selling virtual real-estate.

3 easy ways to earn crypto from Web3 apps (STEPN, BAT, NODL)

People all around the world are tired of big companies harvesting and selling their private data. Web3 promises to bring us a decentralized internet, but we can actually use Web3 right now, and stack and earn some crypto in the process! Here are 3 interesting Web 3.0 crypto projects in 2022 that fill real-world needs and will also let you earn free crypto while using them!

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