Love Hate Inu: The Only Crypto Platform That Pays You to Vote

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The new vote-to-earn (V2E) meme project, Love Hate Inu, has raised an astounding $2.39 million from investors in a few weeks since its presale debut. 

This cutting-edge project is set to disrupt the traditional survey sector with its utility-geared V2E model and advanced blockchain technology, potentially generating massive returns for early adopters of its token, $LHINU.

With only three days until a new price increase sets in, investors must act quickly and purchase the market’s hottest meme coin.

The Vote-to-Earn Model: Love Hate Inu Versatile Utility Mechanism

Love Hate Inu has enjoyed massive attention since its native token, $LHINU, made its presale debut. 

Crypto enthusiasts and analysts have tipped the new meme coin to surge past the gain percentage of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu based on its versatile vote-to-earn (V2E) that distinguishes it from other meme coins. 

The meme genre in the crypto space often thrives through hype from media channels and vibrant communities. However, when this takes a downtrend, most meme projects wash off due to their lack of valuable use cases for global industries.

Love Hate Inu asserts to change the conventional standard and be the first precedent of a meme coin stacked with versatile utilities and viral hype. 

The new sensation integrates a fun and meme-like look design and is set to tap into the survey industry, currently worth $3.2 billion

The survey industry is one of the most sophisticated and fast-paced sectors experiencing exponential growth. However, there are prevalent challenges in the form of sanctions and incentives. 

Social media channels have been a major catalyst as it has adopted survey industry features, allowing users to vote on diverse topics.

However, there have been instances where sanctions have been imposed due to opinions expressed on contentious issues, most notably politics, and religion.

Furthermore, there is no commercial venture to incentivize users to participate in polls and surveys and share their opinions.

Love Hate Inu is set to create a new structure. The meme sensation is deployed on the Ethereum blockchain and allows members to vote on polls and surveys, including the most controversial and debatable topics. 

All votes are recorded on the Ethereum blockchain, ensuring a transparent, legitimate, and tamper-proof result. 

The development team of the meme project believes that its advanced blockchain transparency will appeal to many brands, companies, sectors, and individuals keen to get a legitimate and tamper-proof opinion on a certain topic without manipulation.

These brands will also reward participants with products, merchandise, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and many more. 

Investors from the survey and crypto communities see huge potential in the Love Hate Inu project, with its presale fast selling already. 

Its native token, $LHINU, will facilitate voting. The more tokens owned will give users more voting power. 

The meme project is responsible for polls, with several listed on its website, including celebrity polls on Donald Trump, Kim Kardashian, Elon Musk, and Andrew Tate.

Each poll is accompanied by two meme caricatures – one as an angel that denotes Love and the other as a devil that denotes Hate. Users can choose to vote their love or hate on these polls and earn rewards for engaging.

However, as detailed in its roadmap, the meme project will hand over polling creation to the community in quarter four of 2023. Holders of $LHINU will be able to create polls seamlessly and earn rewards. 

To vote on these highly debatable topics, users have to stake for 30 days.

High Deflationary Structure Will Propel $LHINU Value

The Love Hate Inu project is a decentralized platform where 90% of all $LHINU tokens will be sold via its ongoing presale. 

With 90% of all coins sold in presale, $LHINU will be deflationary; that is, the price will surge as demand increases. 

Now at its lowest price rate, investors have garnered interest to earn huge profits in the future. 

Over $2.39 Million Raised in Presale Investment – Three Days Until Price Increases

With less than three weeks since its presale launch, $LHINU has raised a record-breaking $2.4 million from investors, indicating red-hot interest from global investors.

The meme token’s price rises with each new stage of its presale. The $LHINU is currently trading at $0.000095 USDT in stage three of its presale.

With only three days until stage four sets in with a price increase, investors must leverage the current discount price without delay and earn the biggest returns possible as its price soars. 

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