Charisma creates interactive ‘Digi-Cats’ for Puss in Boots launch!

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At Charisma, we’re passionate about interactive storytelling, immersive characters and innovative AI solutions.

We also happen to be a company of cat lovers. 

Very excitingly, these passions were united earlier this year when Dreamworks and NBCUniversal commissioned us to create an interactive experience to accompany the DVD release of Puss In Boots: The Last Wish! In this experience, audiences can visit Mama Luna’s Cat Rescue – the not-quite-above-board sanctuary for abandoned cats, where Puss himself briefly ends up – to adopt their very own ‘Digi-Cats’. After completing a questionnaire about their desired cat attributes (cattributes?!), players are matched with a cat to chat to and play with.

Three images showing how the My Digi-Cat experience looks on a phone screen: knocking on a door, naming a cat, and playing with a laser.

The Mama Luna’s Cat Rescue experience works on desktop and mobile.

And that’s where Charisma comes in! Our conversation platform powers these encounters with Mama Luna’s cats. Lead narrative designer Rianna Dearden (a cat-owner, incidentally) crafted original backstories for each cat personality, weaving their feline biographies into interactive conversations where the audience has an active role to play. How will the strait-laced, strategically-minded cat take down his arch-nemesis, the laser pen, once and for all? Should the surfer-kitty finally follow her dream of opening a multi-species surf school? Once you adopt a Digi-Cat, these important decisions are in your paws…I mean, hands. 

Thanks to Charisma’s memory function, the more you interact with your cat, the closer you’ll become. And, if you figure out their favourite treat, they might even let you in on a little secret about El Macho Gatto, the Stabby Tabby, the Leche Whisperer himself…

An image of a DVD leaflet containing a QR code for the My Digi-Cat experience.

DVDs included a QR code linking users to Mama Luna’s Cat Rescue and the My Digi-Cat experience.

DVDs of Puss In Boots: The Last Wish included QR code stickers linking to the Mama Luna’s Cat Rescue experience. This provided value-add to the DVD purchase, opening up a new revenue stream, deepening engagement with fans of the franchise, and creating hyper-relevant, personalised marketing content.

We were thrilled to be able to match Puss In Boots fans throughout the US with their very own purrfect interactive felines. Following our selection for the 2023 Comcast NBC Universal LIFTLabs Accelerator, Charisma is now partnering with NBCUniversal on future projects – so stay tuned for more updates soon!

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