YouTube updates its policy to crack down on fan accounts stealing content from others

YouTube must now make it clear to fan channel account holders that their account is not a direct copy of the original creator.

by Vikash Kumawat
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YouTube has countless fan accounts dedicated to actors, singers, celebrities and inspirational personalities. Through these fan accounts, people celebrate their favorite celebrities and engage with content related to them. However, a fine distinction exists between genuine fan accounts and accounts impersonating original personalities. In response to this issue, YouTube is releasing its next policy update, specifically targeting these impersonation accounts.

Recently, YouTube updated its policies for fan channels, making it necessary for account holders to clearly indicate that their fan account is not a direct scam of the original creator. YouTube’s updated policy states, “If you operate a fan channel, you must make it clear or read in your channel name that your channel does not represent the original creator, artist or entity.”

The new policy rules that YouTube channels that initially present themselves as fan accounts in their description, but eventually engage in “posing as other’s channel and re-uploading their content”, They will be banned. Further, channels that use the same name and avatar or banner as the original channel, with the only difference being that the name has been replaced with a zero with a space or the letter O, will also not be allowed.

YouTube previously did not have specific policies for fan accounts. However, in response to the rise of fake accounts stealing the original creators’ work, the platform is now taking significant steps.

The new update aims to provide clear guidelines for genuine fan channels to effectively celebrate their favorite creators. Also, it aims to protect the content and hard work of the original creators from exploitation by fake channels. By implementing these measures, YouTube aims to create a supportive environment for both creators and fans, ensure authenticity, and protect the rights of content creators.

Furthermore, this update will also ensure that viewers do not get cheated by the channels they interact with and choose to follow. By blocking impersonating channels, YouTube aims to maintain transparency and protect viewers from misinformation or deception. Additionally, this update will protect creators from misusing their name and likeness for malicious purposes, preserve their reputation, and ensure that their content is appropriately attributed to them.

✍ Note: the new policy for fan accounts will be effective from August 21, 2023.

Meanwhile, the platform has also introduced a new feature that simplifies the process of dubbing videos into different languages using artificial intelligence. According to The Verge, YouTube announced at VidCon that it is integrating the team of Aloud, an AI-powered dubbing tool developed within Google’s Area 120 incubator.

This feature was added because YouTube recognizes the importance of meeting the needs of a wide variety of content creators. However, the inability to connect with specific demographics due to language barriers can limit a creator’s audience. This new tool has the potential to greatly benefit creators by expanding their reach to a wider audience.

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