Amazon’s Audible laid off more than 100 employees

Amazon's Audible division will reduce its workforce by about 5 percent as part of the company's broader efficiency strategy. The move follows similar layoffs at other Amazon units.

by Vikash Kumawat
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Aiming to streamline operations, Amazon’s Audible division has decided to reduce its workforce by about 5%, affecting about 100 employees, according to a memo from Audible CEO Bob Carrigan, which was accessed by CNBC. The decision comes as part of Amazon’s broader strategy to increase efficiency and position its units for continued success. The announcement follows recent layoffs at other Amazon units, including Prime Video, MGM Studios and Twitch livestreaming.

In her memo, Carrigan acknowledged the challenging decision, emphasizing the need to make Audible leaner and more efficient in response to the evolving landscape. This move is considered necessary to provide top-level audio storytelling to customers around the world.

Amazon acquired Audible in 2008 for approximately $300 million, and the division operates largely independently. However, the current staff cuts reflect a broader trend within Amazon, which has planned significant layoffs in 2022 and 2023, affecting more than 27,000 jobs across various sectors of the company.

Carrigan’s memo reassures employees about the overall health of the company, mentions a successful year in 2023 and expresses gratitude for the employees’ hard work. However, it highlights the need to take tough decisions to ensure continued success in the face of challenges.

Approximately 5% of Audible’s workforce will be affected by this cut, with affected employees having already received meeting invitations to discuss with Human Resources business partners and team leaders. Carrigan expressed her appreciation to her departing colleagues and assured her continued support as they transition to new opportunities.

The CEO recognized the uncertainty felt by those remaining at the company and stressed that decisions were made with the long-term strength of the business in mind. Carrigan promised to share more details and answer questions about the company’s future plans during the upcoming Global Allofus meeting in January.

Although staff reductions may present challenges, Carrigan is optimistic about Audible’s ability to maintain its momentum and global growth, solidifying its position as a leader in audio storytelling. The move is in line with Amazon’s ongoing efforts to optimize its various divisions and adapt to emerging market dynamics.

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