Google now allows users to remotely uninstall PlayStore apps from other Android devices

Google is introducing a new feature, remote app uninstallation, in its Play Store. The new feature aims to simplify app management across different Android devices, giving users more control over their app ecosystem.

by Vikash Kumawat
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Google is introducing a new capability to its Play Store that will allow users to remotely uninstall apps from their other linked Android devices. The new update, called Remote App Uninstallation feature, aims to simplify app management on various Android devices, giving Google users more control and convenience in managing their app ecosystem.

According to Google’s latest system update changelog, the remote app uninstall feature is currently embedded in Play Store version 38.8 and lets users remotely uninstall apps on other connected Android devices logged in with the same Google ID. This feature has been developed to streamline app management across different Android instances including Auto, PC, Phone, TV and Wear.

Here’s how this feature works

While Google has not shared many details on how the feature works, according to a report by TheSpAndroid that tested the feature, to use the feature, users should first update to version 38.8 of the Play Store and then navigate to the “Manage Apps” section in the Play Store after activating the remote uninstallation option.

Once the functionality is enabled, users will have the ability to view apps installed on a different Android device than the one they are currently in use. The process involves selecting the apps using checkboxes and initiating the uninstallation option. A user-friendly interface then displays a list of connected devices where the selected app is currently installed.

Notably, this feature includes a sorting mechanism that allows users to organize the list of apps on their other devices according to storage usage. It provides a practical means of managing apps efficiently, especially on devices with limited storage like Google TV.

limited feature availability

However, Play Store version 38.8 is not widely available, and there is no update from Google on when the new feature will be available to everyone. However, it is expected to be rolled out soon.

Benefits of remote app uninstallation feature

Once the remote app uninstall feature becomes available, it will provide users with cross-platform compatibility, ensuring a more seamless user experience across Auto, PC, Phone, TV, and Wear instances. The feature will also allow users to uninstall apps remotely, giving the user more control and simplifying the process across multiple devices. Additionally, the option to sort apps on other devices based on storage usage would be a useful tool to optimize space, especially beneficial for devices with limited storage capacity like Google TV.

Meanwhile, apart from the remote app uninstallation feature, Google is also rolling out several other updates for both Google Play Services (v23.49) and Google Play Store (v38.8). These include system management updates that improve battery life, device performance, and network usage.

Additionally, the latest updates also focus on enhancing user education, improving the viewing experience, providing more information about advertised apps, introducing remote app uninstallation, and further simplifying app identification.

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