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Gotbit: We build Markets and Utilities for Web 3.0

Creating a successful business requires a strong foundation. You need an innovative idea and a dedicated, smart team. Gotbit is a company in the cryptosphere that was founded in 2017 and has grown in the last 5 years to a team of over 100 people. In the crypto market, a company that can not only withstand the volatility, but also continue to grow and adapt is a case to study. 

GotBit has continued to grow despite the downturn in the market. Bigger companies are laying off employees, but due to the growth in the number of customers, GotBit has been able to grow their market as well as their team, to whom the company attributes most of their success. 

GotBit builds markets and utilities for Web 3.0 and has been a leader in the space since the company’s inception. They have been recognized as the best market maker in the decentralized market. Their approach is based on robust algorithms, a large trading desk, and their client platform. This platform allows clients to keep an eye on both their own market as well as GotBit’s performance in real time. 

Part of GotBit’s successful growth has been their dive into new directions. They started the GotBit Foundation, a venture capital investment company focused on the long term development of revolutionary decentralized projects. The idea behind it is to nurture these projects from an idea all the way to the liquid secondary market. 

The GotBit Foundation invests in various promising digital assets in their early stages of introduction to the market. With expertise collected over 5 years of success in the crypto sphere, the foundation leads projects into the broader market after starting in secondary exchanges. All projects are carefully selected to ensure that venture participants see the successful fruits of their investments. 

GotBit also launched an OTC desk for Tier-1 and Tier-2 venture capital funds. Thanks to years of experience and expertise, GotBit handles the due diligence to select only the most liquid tokens, helping project founders by giving them the opportunity to raise additional funds.

The company has already launched an OTC channel which has managed to join more than 200 venture capital funds. Their main goal is to enable venture capitals, large funds, as well as private investors to discover new, promising tokens amidst the current bear market. 

By expanding into different markets, GotBit has been able to collect more data and expertise that they use to provide quality services to their clients. They even developed a unique snipe protection program. “Snipers” buy a token at the moment liquidity is pouring in during the public price round, and then sell it back almost immediately at a huge profit. GotBit’s solution puts a restriction on early token purchases to protect the liquidity of the asset from snipers. 

All of these great solutions could have only been produced from one thing: a strong, solid team. Which is who GotBit attributes most of their success to. When reached for comment, GotBit CEO, Alex Andryunin, had this to say about the success of Gotbit:  

“Gotbit’s success is only growing despite the falling markets. The number of customers has only grown from March to August, and our team is helping us develop in new directions like venture capital and consulting. While the market may be falling, we’re jumping ahead by building up our infrastructure and team.”

The GotBit team is composed of some of the most qualified talent out there. The company puts a heavy emphasis on their recruiting so that the team grows strategically and dynamically. There are 3 basic rules the company adheres to when recruiting people, and it has proven to be successful as seen by the company’s dynamic growth into different fields.

How build a Great Team

Rule 1: Hire professionals with high quality performance. 

Gotbit’s team is recruited from top-ranked technical and economic universities, pulling stars from the winners of international math and physics competitions. The team of over 100 people are some of the most talented, intelligent, and hard-working professionals out there.

Rule 2: Hire devoted, ambitious specialists.

Many Gotbit employees are young and ambitious. They are eager to advance their careers in crypto and are willing to devote most of their time to work. The team comprises motivated individuals who are excited to be at the forefront of crypto. 

Rule 3: Hire individuals who work well independently, and make sound decisions and risks. 

It’s important that the team can be trusted to make sound decisions on their own, that way they are given the opportunity to reach their full potential. They know when to take a risk to try something new, and when it’s better to be conservative. 

The GotBit team was originally formed from a small team of mathematicians from some of the best universities and top math departments. The team is located all over the world with offices in Dubai, Istanbul, and Lisbon. The basic trading algorithms that work in our markets are developed by professionals with PhDs in mathematics and statistics from top universities in Europe and the UK. 

The team has expanded from traders to also include developers in Gotbit’s blockchain department. With the current bear market, developers are working to build the best infrastructure to support all the needs of the top altcoin on the market so that they’re ready for the huge demand the next bull run will bring. 

CEO of Gotbit, Alex Andryunin, has full confidence in his team. When asked about them he said:

“Due to restructuring our revenue structure our team had had to quickly restructure. We have a talented team who work here to realize their dreams. We have talented Math and Statistics professionals who one day dreamed of managing their own hedge fund. Now they run Quantitative Research for us and develop our Treasury Management Fund. Talent and hardworking individuals have the opportunity to grow very quickly with us.”

In order to continue growing despite the downturn in the market, Gotbit restricted the revenue structure to focus on Market Making and Whitelabel solutions that are in development. This allowed them to quickly restructure the team to be more stable as well as maintain marginality. 

Gotbit started from an innovative idea to become the leading market maker in the decentralized market, and has successfully grown to include a venture capital fund and OTC desk. The idea could only have been brought to life through the hard work of a talent and dedicated team. 

Through a team of intelligent, ambitious professionals, the vision of Gotbit continues to expand and be realized. After 5 years of success, Gotbit has its team to thank, and looks forward to the bright future they have ahead of them.

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