This Green Crypto is Giving Away $100,000 – Learn How to Win?

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Green Crypto GiveAway $100,000

New crypto project IMPT is not only racing through its presale phase but is now offering investors the chance to win $100,000 in IMPT tokens.

The eco-friendly protocol – which will help fight the climate crisis by offering carbon credits as NFTs – is giving one early investor the chance to win a massive prize.

The giveaway runs until April 18, 2023, and requires investors to hold $100 of IMPT on the day of the draw and participate in a series of tasks.

There are 10 ways to enter with each individual getting up to 40 entries for doing things such as following IMPT on various social media channels and posting about the project.

Enter IMPT $100k Giveaway Here

Investors Rush to Buy IMPT During Presale

The project is already attracting huge interest in the crypto space and this will only increase the interest on IMPT.

Now in stage 2 of its presale, the stage 1 allocation of IMPT tokens raised $11 million in just three weeks to sell out four weeks ahead of schedule and has been named among the best altcoins to buy.

The project will use blockchain technology to help fight global warming by making carbon credits into NFTs and allow individuals and businesses to increase their carbon-offsetting efforts.

Carbon credits are permits that allow holders to emit a set amount of CO2 into the atmosphere, with one carbon credit equal to one ton of carbon dioxide.

IMPT will make carbon credits fully tradeable as NFTs, as well as utilize an immutable ledger to reduce fraud in the industry – such as double counting, where two companies claim use of the same credit.

Investors will be able to buy and sell carbon credit NFTs on a custom-built marketplace, as well as hold them as a long-term investment.

The market is set for massive growth in the next decade, with Bloomberg estimating the voluntary carbon market could rise from its current value of $2 billion up to $100 billion in 2030.

Holders can also choose to ‘retire’ their NFT – take it off the market permanently – in exchange for other NFTs.

IMPT will also allow its users to earn IMPT tokens while shopping, which can then be converted into carbon credits, with retailers allocating a percentage to return to the shopper as tokens.

That in turn allows shoppers to make greener choices by selecting retailers that offer a larger percentage.

IMPT has already partnered with more than 10,000 retailers, with the likes of Amazon, Microsoft, Macy’s, and LEGO among them.

Visit IMPT Presale Now

IMPT Token Presale Info

IMPT is now in stage 2 of 3, with tokens on sale for $0.023 each and around $12.5 million so far raised.

In stage 1 tokens sold for $0.018 and stage 3 will see another price increase to $0.028 – an increase of 22% from stage 2 and 55% from stage 1.

That means during stage 2, $100 of investment will get investors 4,378 IMPT tokens compared to just 3,571 in stage 3.

In total there will be 1.8 billion (60%) of the max 3 billion supply on sale during the presale, with the presale tokens having no vesting period and available to trade as soon as the whole allocation is sold out.

A further 10% was sold during a private sale to early adopters, with another 15% reserved for the development of the ecosystem, 10% for marketing, and 5% reserved for the team.

The project is built on Ethereum and the developers are doxxed and public-facing. 

They have been Know Your Customer (KYC)-verified by CoinSniper, while the token’s smart contract is rug-proof having been audited by blockchain security firm Hacken.

For more information on the project, read the IMPT whitepaper and Telegram channel.

A full guide on how to buy IMPT tokens during the presale can be found here.

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