ChatGPT has replaced Content Writer’s

ChatGPT: A 34-year-old writer revealed that all of his clients switched to this generative AI service after they found out they used it to write content.

by Vikash Kumawat
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It seems content writers are having a tough time as stories of people losing their jobs have started surfacing. A woman recently lost her job as a copywriter for a tech startup because of ChatGPT and decided to become a dog walker. Now, Eric Finn, 34, tells The Washington Post that ChatGPT turned on him, too, and he’s no longer earning enough to feed his family.

The content writer says that OpenAI’s ChatGPT wiped out his business and now he plans to transform the sector. He revealed that when he came to know that he used to write his content using ChatGPT, all his clients switched him to the AI ​​service and hence, the clients thought, when they can get their work done using the Generative AI service. Are. So why waste money on them?

Open AI

It first lost a client in March and later nine more contracts were canceled for the same reason. The content writer used to charge $60 (roughly Rs. 4,900) for an hour’s work, which involved writing short blurbs for company websites and product descriptions. Later, a client hired him again because the content of ChatGPT was not correct. But, the sad part is that the writer is not getting paid enough for the work he is doing as the client feels that he is using an AI service to do his work.

The man claimed that earlier, half of his annual income that he was earning earlier was wiped out almost overnight due to ChatGPT. Hence, he feels that the field of content writing is not that promising and hence, he is currently training as a heating and air conditioning technician. He is also planning to become a plumber in future.

Fein told the quoted source that he should have chosen the commercial venture first because he feels it is more future-proof. It is being said that business work is one of the “industries least affected by advances in artificial intelligence”.

This is not all that new, ever since ChatGPT became popular for its skills, there have been concerns that generative AI will lead to mass unemployment. This is something that is now quite clear. AI technology is still in its infancy and it is said that if it is able to do more than just create/write content as well as take pictures, it could replace thousands of human jobs in the future.

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