Google’s new AI model Gemini is now available in Bard, here’s how to use it

Google recently launched Gemini, its latest AI model with advanced language processing in three sizes. It is now integrated into Bard, the AI chatbot, and is also available on Pixel phones.

by Vikash Kumawat
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Google recently unveiled its latest large language model, Gemini AI, which is designed to be more powerful and capable than its predecessor. The new LLM comes in three sizes to meet the different needs of users: Nano, Pro and Ultra. The Nano is developed for faster on-device tasks, the Pro serves as a versatile mid-tier, and the Ultra is the most powerful. However, it is still undergoing safety testing and will be available next year.

With its three-tiered approach, Google wants to ensure that users can access to the LLM that best suits their needs, whether they require a fast and efficient on-device tool, a versatile workhorse, or the ultimate in language processing power.

As for availability, Gemini AI, starting with the Gemini Nano, is now available on the Pixel 8 Pro, which includes advanced features like summaries in the Recorder app and smart replies on Gboard, which were initially implemented in WhatsApp. Gemini Pro, on the other hand, is now available for free within Bard, allowing users to experience its advanced text-based capabilities.

Google Gemini in Bard

According to Google, Gemini’s integration with Google’s chatbot Bard brings significant improvements in user interactions. Gemini’s advanced capabilities allow Bard to better understand user intent, providing more accurate and higher quality responses. Additionally, Gemini’s multimodal processing capabilities enable Bard to seamlessly handle text as well as images, audio and video, creating a more natural and engaging user experience. This integration paves the way for a future of rich and nuanced interactions between humans and AI.

How to use Google Gemini in Bard

Gemini Pro is currently available for free within Bard Chatbot, developed to improve the chat experience. Using Gemini Integrated Bard

  • Visit Bard’s website: Start by navigating to the Bard website using your web browser.
  • Log in with a Google Account: Sign in to Bard using your existing Google Account credentials. Google does not allow access to Bard if you are not willing to create an account. Additionally, users of Google Workspace accounts may need to switch to their personal email account to try out Gemini.
  • Enhanced Bard Experience: Once logged in, you can now enjoy the advanced features of Gemini Pro within Bard, giving you a more interactive and sophisticated chat experience.

Bard bordering on Gemini

Notably, despite the promising potential of the Gemini Pro within Bard, there are some obstacles that should be kept in mind. First, its language limitation hinders its accessibility globally, as Gemini Pro is currently only available in English. Additionally, while Bard’s adoption of Gemini Pro is limited, its integration within chatbots is limited, with Google expected to increase integration and refine its AI capabilities in the near future.

Furthermore, there are geographical constraints, as Gemini Pro is not available in the European Union. Lastly, users should be aware that, at present, only the text-based version of Gemini Pro is accessible within Bard, potentially leaving those desiring multimedia interactions to await future updates for a more diverse range of features.

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