The 20 Best Twitter Chats for Marketers

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Twitter is an amazing place, where else can you see Kim Kardashian showing off her horse barn that costs more than a penthouse in Manhattan, while also learning about the newest political developments, while ALSO connecting with colleagues and growing your business? Exactly, it’s truly magical.

We as marketers and business leaders always need to be connecting and growing with the ever changing world we live in, and what better way to do that than to hop on your phone and see what the best in the business have to offer once a week? For an hour or two, you get to pick their brain and connect with likeminded people on the one subject you all have in common.

We’ve come up with 20 amazing twitter chats for you to join the conversation in. Listed by day of the week and time, see which ones fit in with your schedule and get chatting!


#EcomChat – 6:00AM EST

Hosted by the genius duo James Gurd(@JamesGurd) and Dan Barker(@danbarker), they lead a discussion on all things ecommerce. Early bird gets the worm, as they say, so start your day off at 6:00AM EST every Monday learning something new.

#ContentChat – 3:00PM EST

Hosted by content market expert Erika Heald(@SFerika), learn about the ins and outs of marketing. Taking place at 3:00PM Eastern Standard Time every Monday, take a break and start your week off with some knowledge!

#BizapaloozaChat – Mondays at 2:00PM AND Thursdays at 8:00AM EST

Hosted by the amazing Ivana Taylor(@DIYMarketers), this chat asks some pretty tough questions, recently asking, “Should ethical businesses or brands take a stand on any of today’s social issues? If so, will it help them or hurt them?” which is definitely a very topical question today. The beauty in asking tough questions is you get a lot of critical thinking and a lot of varying opinions answering! See what people have to say to more interesting questions every Monday at 2:00pm AND Thursday at 8:00am, double the fun!


#ContentClubUK – 7:00AM EST

With a new host and new topic every week, this chat is perfect. Plus, it’s based in the UK, which makes it… undeniably cooler than anything that comes from the US.. Right? The chat starts back up after its summer break on the 1st of September, so mark your calendars for 7:00am because this is not something you’ll want to miss!

#ContentWritingChat – 11:00AM EST

Hosted by Express Writers(@ExpWriters) on the FIRST Tuesday of each month at 11:00AM, hone your writing skills and learn a new thing or two about content marketing! They feature new guests constantly, so it’s never dull and you always get to hear a new perspective and connect with someone new.


From the powerhouse that is the Content Marketing Institute(@CMIContent), get the best tips to perfect your content marketing. Occasionally holding webinars, they’re committed to bringing you the latest and greatest every Tuesday at noon.

#PPCChat – 12:00PM EST

Founded by Matthew Umbro(@Matt_Umbro) and now hosted by Julie Friedman Bacchini (@NeptuneMoon), this chat talks about all things PPC with tons of interesting guests. You can join them on Tuesdays at noon! Can’t make the chat because of a time conflict? No problem! They have the amazing feature of having someone recapp the chat in written AND podcast form, so you never miss the action.

#SMTLive – 12:00PM EST (Every Other Week)

From the great people at Social Media Today(@socialmedia2day), this twice monthly twitter chat brings you whats new about social media marketing. Today, the world of social media is constantly changing and evolving, you either keep up or fall far behind. Stay up to date by joining every other Tuesday at noon!

#VCBuzz – 12:00PM EST

Talk all things viral with the Viral Content Bee(@vcbuzz) , with new guests hosts weekly and interesting questions, its almost impossible to leave the chat without learning a thing or two. Join every Tuesday at noon and see what all the buzz is about! (Just don’t steal my joke… that was genius c’mon now.)

#TacoChat – 2:00PM EST

I mean, who doesn’t love a Taco Tuesday? Now on top of your delicious mexican food you can nourish your mind as well as your stomach. Hosted by The Karcher Group(@KarcherGroup), each week at 2:00pm it dives deep offering you questions that you can answer, or just take as some food for thought… while you’re munching down on your taco. FOOD PUNS people, they’re not just for dad jokes, I swear.

#WomenInTechChat – 7:00PM EST

Women in the marketing world KNOW how difficult it is compared to our male colleagues, proving that the ladies have to stick together to get ahead. Founded by the amazing Tiffany Horan(@TiffanyHoran) and led every Tuesday by the Women in Tech Chat(@WomeninTechChat) team, they offer a place for women to meet and chat with each other on all things tech and marketing (without having it man-splained to them).


#SEMRushChat – 11:00AM EST

Led by the amazing team over at SEMRush(@semrush), this chat jam packed full of the current happenings of the marketing world. Questions asked by the team are answered by tons of insightful guests, so you’re sure to learn a thing or two! Join the fun at 11:00am every Wednesday.

#AdWeekChat – 2:00PM EST

From the twitter powerhouse that is @Adweek, comes #AdWeekChat. Enjoy your lunch break with a side of twitter, why don’t ya? And why not get your information from the best of the best. Every Wednesday at 2:00pm, see what’s new in the world of marketing and media.


#FreelanceChat – 12:00PM EST

Coming up on their two year anniversary, this chat will get you clued-in on everything freelance. Whether you want to know how to get started or how to figure out your rates, this chat has you covered. Conveniently those are both two of their upcoming topics! Hosted by PR Consultant Michelle Garrett(@PRisUs), this chat will get you up to date on everything you want to know about freelancing.

#SEOChat – 1:00PM EST

Hosted by Mordy Oberstein(@MordyOberstein), this chat tackles all things SEO. Taking place every Thursday at 1:00pm, dive deep into the world of SEOs and learn things you can apply to your own business. From “What makes a good SEO?” to “How “technical” does an SEO need to be?”, this chat has everything you need to boost your knowledge on everything SEO.

#TwitterSmarter – 1:00PM EST

Learning what to post to get the most engagement is NOT easy, it takes time to find out what content your audience loves and wants to interact with. Why not get one step closer to that goal by joining #TwitterSmarter? Hosted by Twitter Marketing Expert MadalynSklar(@MadalynSklar) every Thursday at 1:00pm, learn the best ways to make Twitter your most useful platform. Want more goodness? She even has a podcast where she drops even more tips and tricks.

#AgencyChat – 2:00PM EST

With a wide range of guest hosts and a wide variety of interesting topics, this chat is close to perfect. Hosted by Agorapulse Community Manager Deb Mitchell(@deb_mitchell), this chat starts off with a cute little ice breaker, then gets into the good stuff. Join the magic every Thursday at 2:00pm! Be there or be square.

#LeadLoudly – 7:00PM EST

Hosted by Nathalie Gregg with the goal of empowering women to take a jump into the crazy world of marketing. With a variety of new guests and a variety of topics, this chat is always interesting! Last weeks topic (August 6th) revolved around influencer marketing, which is something that all companies should be aware of at this point! Join Nathalie, her guests, and their community every Thursday at 7:00pm!


#Digital360Chat – 12:00PM EST

End your work week with a little knowledge, why don’t you? This awesome chat interviews a new guest each week, allowing you to peek into their thought processes and try and see what made them so successful. Hosted by Bernie Fussenegger(@B2the7) every Friday at noon, this chat gives you tons of different perspectives on all things marketing and business.


#PeopleSkillsChat – 10:00AM EST

Why not turn your “day of rest” into a day of learning and get a jumpstart on the week ahead of you! Hosted by KateNasser(@KateNasser), hone your people skills so you can go out and kill that sales pitch or blow that investors expectations out of the water! Not only will it help you IMMENSELY in the marketing world, but it will help you in your personal life as well. Join Kate at 10:00am every Sunday, and get to chatting!

What Are You Waiting For?

Look, you and I both know you’ve probably not done a lot of the things you thought you were going to do at the start of quarantine… but here there is really no excuse to not learn something new! Plus, learning something new will make you feel better about not redecorating your entire house and not losing those extra LBs. Trust me, we’re all with ya. So go use your social media for something good and get to chatting! Trust me, it can only help you. And hey, maybe it will kickstart an amazing quarantine metamorphosis, you never know!

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