Human Rights Foundation Launches Bug Bounty Program Worth 20 BTC

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The Human Rights Foundation Has Launched a Bug Bounty Program

The Human Rights Foundation (HRF) has launched a bug bounty challenge with a reward of 20 Bitcoin, worth more than $589K at the time of writing, to encourage open-source development on the Bitcoin system.

Enhancements to the Bitcoin user experience are the focus of the challenge. Six of the bounties, each worth 2 BTC, are geared at enhancing mobile wallets. Each incentive targets a particular issue that Bitcoin is now facing.

These bounties, which were inspired by discussions with international activists and are features that many would like to see added to Bitcoin, are being financially supported by the HRF’s Bitcoin Development Fund.

The bounties include the capacity to produce and memorize seed phrases while crossing borders, increasing and supporting Nostr development, and open-source design components for Bitcoin projects.

The HRF sees the financial flexibility provided by Bitcoin as an important component of the fight for human rights, as it enables human rights advocates to continue their work. Through the end of this year and 2024, the bounties will be active.

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