The 13 Best Social Media Management Tools According To Lately

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There are a lot of social media management tools out there, so finding the right one for you is important, duh! You don’t want to pay for something you don’t use, so get the bang for your buck with this helpful little list. We gathered the 13 best social media management tools according to Lately. May the best tool WIN.


Hootsuite is a big name in the social media management business. Hootsuite allows you to schedule posts across all social networks, saving you time in the long run. Grow your social reach with content that reaches tons of new eyes, while keeping track of the latest conversations and brand mentions happening on your timeline.

Use this time saved to track and analyze what isn’t working with Hootsuite’s social analytics, so you can start seeing what your audience actually loves V.S. what they could go without.


Partners with Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram, Sendible is a social media management tool that packs a punch. Unlike so many of its competitors, Sendible has a built in photo editor from Canva, which could push it over the edge of its fierce competition.

This tool promises to scale with you, from your first client to your hundredth. Collaborate with your team members by setting up approval workflows, to make sure everything is in tip top shape before sending it to the masses.


For only $50 a month, SocialPilot offers a ton for a small price tag. They offer power analytics and white label pdf reports with just one click, and they’re committed to responding to emails and phone calls in under 4 hours. This is important if you’re someone who doesn’t have time to sit around all day waiting for a call back (i.e. most of us). HEADS UP! For enterprise accounts, you are given a dedicated account manager, so you never have a question that goes unanswered.

SocialPilot is an amazing tool for people who want a basic (but powerful) social media management tool without paying an arm and a leg.


Agorapulse stands out from the crowd for its AMAZING customer support. Rated #1 by G2Crowd, Capterra, AND TrustRadius, they’re response time of only 30 minutes leaves all of its competitors in the dust.

A big selling point for some is that they are designed for growth and won’t dramatically up the price you pay if you add users or social profiles. They also offer a unified social inbox and a social listening feature where you can discover trends and insights about your brand and others (hint hint, your competition).


BuzzSumo is all about collaboration. Their content insights help users create engaging content, monitor your performance, and identify influencers in your industry. Influencer marketing has shot up in popularity over the past few years, so this aspect of BuzzSumo is not one to forget.

Track comments and trends while using analytics to sharpen your marketing strategy to make sure your content is getting the best engagement it possibly can.


For those of you who love A.I. (like we do), this ones for you. Sprinklr uses the leading A.I. to create industry driven strategies so you can have the best customer experience possible. If customer experience is where you want help, Sprinklr takes the cake! Sprinklr is recognized as the industry standard in helping enterprises make customers happier.

Sprinklr promises to deliver personalized experiences at scale, while keeping the costs manageable.


Those of you who know Lately will probably know Hubspot, were good pals. If you’re not clued in, Hubspot helps you prioritize your social interactions by saving you tons of time, time that can be spent nurturing relationships and creating bonds.

Monitor keywords so you never miss a mention, and link allll of your interactions back to your CRM so you can report on social media ROI. You can even get suggestions on the best times to post based on your specific audience! This management tool is a good one (we’re not biased we swear).


SEMrush helps you grow traffic with SEO tools and workflow. Track SERP positions, run technical SEO audits, and uncover millions of national & local keywords. SEMrush is all about analytics. With it you can analyze the traffic of any website, monitor competitors ad copies, and analyze the Google Shopping ad campaigns.

With 14 international awards and 30% of fortune 500 companies using it, they are as established as it gets. They help you streamline your agency processes for growth by regularly generating quality leads and automating client reporting. They are a powerhouse of the social media management industry, that’s for certain.

Sprout Social

Trusted by 30,000 world class brands and organizations like Subaru, Unicef, and Purdue, Sprout Social is a big name when it comes to social media management. Plan, organize, schedule, and deliver content as a team with cross network social publishing while also uncovering trends from their social data.

Streamline social monitoring, measure your performance, and build your brand. With awards from top-tier software review sites like Cepterra, Sprout Social claims to design your social solutions with your whole business in mind.


Meet Edgar, the social media scheduler that does the work for you! Edgar builds a bottomless library of evergreen updates, so if it runs out it’ll just reshare old ones. A female founded and bootstrapped business, you’ll get ahead of the competition with much less stress over running out of posts. It’s like a built-in safety net!

Designed for freelancers, side hustlers, and small businesses, MeetEdgar has an obsession with empowering entrepreneurs.


Buffer is about 4 things: analyze, publish, engage, and celebrate. With Buffer you can measure your social media performance, collaborate and plan campaigns, and celebrate your progress along the way!

Buffer has transparent pricing, which is insanely helpful when deciding between a few social media management platforms. They are also completely open source and actually care about diversity and equity, so you know that this is a brand you want to give your money to. With 24/7 customer support, Buffer is a powerhouse of goodness.

Salesforce Social Studio

The Salesforce Social Studio is a superstar. Their social listening tools allow you to hear conversations from over 650 million different sources. Customize and craft your content from a bunch of sources, while protecting your brand with audit trails and approval rules.

The Salesforce Social Studio is equipped with the Marketing Command Center. This is a multichannel hub that provides live details about what’s happening across your digital marketing strategy. This is such an interesting technology and definitely sets them apart from competition. Explode your social listening, analysis, content marketing, AND engagement.

Podcastle is a one-stop shop for broadcast storytelling on a web based platform. Easy peasy studio quality recording, AI-powered editing and seamless exporting for the win! For amateurs and professionals they offer audio enhancement and multi-track editing in a few simple clicks and immediate lossless downloads.

All in All

There are a LOT of social media management tools out there, so finding the one that makes your business the well-oiled machine that it needs to be is paramount. If you’re in the market for a digital helping hand, try a few demos!

While you’re at it, request a demo from Lately, so you can see how we all play nice together.

Request a demo here and learn why we’re so confident.

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