Google Introduces Anti-Stalking Feature, Android Users can now Disable Unknown AirTags

Google is rolling out a new security feature called "Unknown Tracker Alert", which was first introduced at its developer event, Google I/O. Here's everything you need to know.

by Vikash Kumawat
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Google has taken a significant step towards user security by introducing a new security feature called “Unknown Tracker Alert”, which was first introduced at its developer event, Google I/O. This latest feature will automatically notify Android users when an unknown Bluetooth device is detected nearby. The primary goal of this functionality is to identify potential stalkers who may be misusing Bluetooth tracking devices such as the Apple AirTag to track people. The facility of tracking alerts is now gradually being rolled out for the users.

The introduction of this feature addresses a major concern with Apple’s AirTags. Although Apple initially launched an anti-stalking function to prevent misuse of AirTags to track people, it required several improvements over time. While iPhone users could receive notifications about unknown Airtags in their vicinity via “Airtag Found Moving With You” alerts, Android users were at a loss unless they had an Android-based “tracker” made by Apple. Detect” is not accessible.

With the new feature, the Android smartphone will automatically alert users when an unknown Bluetooth tracker is detected traveling with them other than its owner. On tapping on the notification, users will get a map showing the location of the tracker device. Anyone can use the “Play Sound” function to extract a sound from the tracker, which will help you locate the device.

In the event that an unknown tracker is detected nearby, Google will provide the user with the necessary device information, including the serial number or the last four digits of the registered owner’s phone number. In addition, you also get instructions on how to disable any third-party trackers using your phone. Additionally, Android users can manually scan for potential trackers in the Security & Emergency section of the Settings app on compatible devices. Currently, the Unknown Tracker Alert feature is only compatible with Apple’s AirTags. But, Google is expected to soon extend support for other Bluetooth trackers like Tile as well.

Significantly, both Apple and Google have taken this initiative to give a sense of security to the users. The companies revealed that they will create an industry-wide specification to address the problem of unwanted tracking from Bluetooth devices. But, Google decided to implement a custom solution to protect Android users as the joint specification is still being finalized.

Google’s move underscores its commitment to user security and privacy, actively providing Android users with an important tool to protect them from potential stalking and unauthorized tracking. As this feature continues to roll out, Android users can now feel more secure knowing that their devices are equipped with this extra layer of security.

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