The Meta HR who lost her job after more than 7 years of service

An ex-Meta employee who worked as HR in the company lost his job after 7 years of service. In a LinkedIn post, she said she is grateful for her time at the company.

by Vikash Kumawat
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Facebook’s parent company Meta has so far laid off around 21,000 employees. Globally, many families have been affected by this decision, and many have taken to LinkedIn to share their layoff stories and search for better opportunities. One such employee, who has been working with Meta as a recruiter for the past 7 years, shared that she was also affected by the Meta layoffs.

Meta employee lost his job after 7 years

It cannot be denied that 7 years is a long time to invest in a company. And when you are given a pink slip in spite of it, the feeling really cannot be described. However, this particular Meta employee decided to look on the bright side, saying she was “grateful for the time she spent at the company.”

Her LinkedIn post read, “Unfortunately, after 7 years at Meta, I received news last week that I too will be part of the lay-off, as soon as I complete my statutory maternity leave. I’m certainly sad but I Grateful for that.” Time spent working with amazing teammates, hiring partners, XFN partners, and candidates.

“I have grown professionally and personally over the past 7 years as I have accepted new challenges and experiences. I have learned how to work on impactful projects and have been hired in some very niche roles. Thank you to my managers who constantly believed in me and inspired me to dream big!


“I’m excited to see what the future holds for me. Connect with me if you have any opportunities or ideas for how I can contribute.”

Several people commented on the former Meta executive’s LinkedIn post, remembering how he helped them prepare for interviews and thanking him for always being there for them.

Meta sorting(Layoffs)

The latest round of layoffs at Meta was done last month. The company had announced to lay off 10,000 employees in March. However, at that time only 4,000 employees were given pink slips. The remaining 6,000 were told of their layoffs in May.

A Wall Street Journal report recently stated that according to an internal survey, a majority of Meta employees are unhappy with Zuckerberg as only 26 percent of employees have confidence in his leadership.

As per the report, an internal survey conducted by Meta showed that only 26 per cent of the respondents said they are confident about the leadership. The report also said that the latest survey was conducted before Meta’s recent round of layoffs in May this year. In addition, 43 percent of employees said they feel ‘valued’ at the company.

The report also states that the massive layoffs in the company have brought down the morale of the employees.

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